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Work-Life Balance Course

Maximise Productivity, Minimise Sickness

mindfulness at work

This 4-part course is for companies who would like to help their employees to:

  • increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace
  • maintain work-life balance and wellbeing
  • improve health and prevent sickness
  • lower stress levels quickly and easily
  • minimise costs incurred through absenteeism 

Course Outline:

Week 1 / Workshop #1: 1 hour


  • define stress, distinguish “good stress” from “bad stress
  • fully understand the stress response, its physiological and psychological implications, advantages and disadvantages
  • look at some general causes of stress, direct causes vs. indirect causes
  • introduce the relaxation response as the natural antidote to stress
  • practice eliciting the relaxation response

Week 2 / Workshop #2: 1 hour


  • discuss industry-specific causes of stress
  • compare personal stressors inside and outside the working environment
  • look at some common symptoms of stress
  • make a stress scale to gauge and rank stress levels
  • establish individual stress thresholds
  • practice eliciting the relaxation response and mindfulness 

 Week 3 / Workshop #3: 1 hour


  • define overload, explain causes and effects, give examples
  • discuss the digital age and the implications for information overload
  • show how to come out of an overloaded state
  • establish a “relaxing place” with details using the 5 senses
  • 15 minute mindfulness practice incorporating the safe place
 Week 4 / Workshop #4: 1 hour


  • Review the stress response and overload, individual stressors and stress indicators, how to counteract the effects of stress and overload
  • Elicit key phrases to counteract stress
  • 15-20 minute practice eliciting the relaxation response, experiencing mindfulness, incorporating the safe place and implementing the key phrases
  • Final feedback.

All the workshops (except Workshop #4) give an assignment which is reviewed the following week, providing participants with the opportunity to apply the techniques covered and give feedback.

The cost of stress

According to the Health and Safety Executive, 11.3 million days were lost between 2013 and 2014 as a result of stress, depression or anxiety. That equates to an average of 23 days per incidence of stress, depression and anxiety in the workplace.

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