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What is anxiety?

What is anxiety?

We all experience a certain amount of anxiety in our lives. Think back to an important or difficult decision you had to make: you probably took time to go over your options before finally settling on one. You may feel anxious because of an event, possibly life-changing, where you have to carefully plan a lot of details so that things don’t go wrong. Or it may just be something unpleasant like a dentist’s appointment that you’ve been putting off. A certain amount of anxiety is normal, part of being human.

Anxiety and Fear

Fear is also a normal, if unpleasant part of life. It’s an essential defence mechanism, designed for our survival. We are pre-disposed to be fearful of certain things, for example heights or animals that scurry, scuttle or slither (like rats, spiders and snakes) because these things can be life-threatening, whether by spreading disease or being poisonous. Fear is an essential response for severe, short-term physical danger, and a useful warning not to take unnecessary risks.

Anxiety on the other hand is a kind of fear or apprehension when you are thinking about something rather than actually experiencing it, for example worrying about the possibility of there being a spider somewhere in your house. The challenges of modern living tend to make us feel anxious rather than fearful because they are mainly psychological, not physical, such as financial insecurity or ongoing work stress.

Anxiety disorders

If you can’t stop feeling anxious about something, and the anxiety is severe, persistent, and out of proportion to the thing you are worrying about, then it is likely that you have an anxiety disorder. When this happens, the anxious thoughts and feelings spiral out of control and start to interfere with your daily life, causing you more reasons to feel anxious.

With an anxiety disorder, the anxiety is self-perpetuating. You may develop anxiety symptoms that make you worry that you are losing your health, and in extreme cases like panic attacks, even make you think you are going to die. If you take medication to relieve anxiety, this can often have side-effects that cause yet more anxiety, so it can make you feel that there is no escape.

Anxiety treatment

The good news is that anxiety disorders can be treated effectively, and without medication. For example cognitive behavioural therapy can help you examine the causes and symptoms rationally.

Can hypnosis help anxiety?

Hypnotherapy is particularly effective at helping you create a calm and relaxed state of mind and body to counteract the anxious state. By reinforcing this state with powerful suggestions that promote wellbeing and health, you will find that before long the anxiety is back at a normal level. In short, hypnotherapy gives you control over anxiety.

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