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The Cosmic Calendar

cosmic calendar and self hypnosis

Continuing the theme about time and how to stop it from flying by too fast, the thing that got me thinking about it was the Cosmic Calendar.

This is a concept to represent the life of the universe as a film lasting one year (imagine what it would be like to sit in front of a TV screen for a whole year). The universe is 13.7 billion years old, so for its history to be condensed down to a single year, in the film one second would represent 437.5 years. The film would start at midnight on January 1st with the Big Bang, and finish on December 31st at 23:59 in the last second of the year, in the present moment.

Life expectancy in the UK and US is around 80 years old, so that would mean that your life would be represented in less than the last fifth of that final second. Even if you lived to be 109 it would be in the last quarter of that final second.

You might be wondering what the point of thinking about your life in the context of the history of the universe. Why is that relevant to your life? For me it adds perspective, looking at one lifetime in the grand scheme of things. In that context, if one lifetime goes by in less time than it takes to snap your fingers, how fast does one year go? What about one day? What about an experience in one day?

Rather than take this to mean that my life is so fleeting as to be insignificant, I feel a profound and urgent need to savour it as much as I possibly can. After all, you don’t know what’s going to happen, how much more time you have left.

It’s so easy to lose sight of this and get caught up in the hum-drum of daily life, which is why we need to remind ourselves to take time out to savour it as much as we can and not take it for granted. That means focusing on the moment and doing things mindfully. Why? Because it stops time from flying past our noses.

My new philosophy? Life is short: squeeze the most out of every day. Practicing self hypnosis not only helps you to savour the moment, but allows you to embrace the philosophy that life is so short and put trivial day-to-day concerns into perspective.

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