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Hypnosis for Anxiety:

Seeking help from Tim for anxiety was the best decision I made this year. He immediately put me at ease; just being in his presence is very calming. After a few thoroughly productive sessions I now feel armed with the most effective tools to control anxiety and the old spiral of negative thinking. Tim followed up our sessions with personalised notes to re-cap on what we’d discussed, and these are immensely useful. He has also kindly provided me with a hypnotherapy recording that I can listen to whenever I have an anxious moment, to take me back to a state of complete relaxation.

Anna, Accounts Manager. August 2013

Hypnosis for Generalised Anxiety

I came to Tim the first time over a year ago through a recommendation by a friend. I was rather reluctant and was not really sure what to expect as I – like most people – didn’t know a thing about hypnotherapy. I came to Tim because of several issues, that I hadn’t been able to resolve myself. I lacked sleep, I was anxious, always worried, tense, nervous, completely unable to relax or concentrate and I would forget a lot of things. All my different issues had become so bad that I was barely able to manage daily life. 

The first trial session was very positive and I was impressed by Tim’s serious and professional demeanour. Tim explained the different mechanisms of the brain, how they can cause problems and how hypnotherapy can help me. The way he explained it was very easy to understand and visualize, and I left him with a positive, relieved feeling – which I had not experienced for a very long time.

At first Tim helped me to learn to physically relax and to calm down my mind, which for me was one of the most important things to learn. As we progressed he gave me different tools that I could use by myself to master my daily life. I already could see small positive effects after the first few sessions. It felt like a big weight was beginning to lift off me and that I was starting to be in control of my life again. Later on we went on to explore and address the reasons and origins for all these problems and various other issues that came up during the sessions and are still working on that.

During the sessions I am always aware of everything that is said and I feel safe and in good hands. In the beginning I was not even sure whether it worked at all and whether I was in trance but afterwards when I came back to a waking state I knew and felt the difference. In trance a lot of things seem easier and clearer to me and I am able to work on them. After the sessions I feel very relaxed and refreshed and full of energy. Even though it was not one of the reasons why I came to Tim, the sessions also helped to reduce my back and neck pain as I was able to relax my tensed up muscles.

I am glad that I tried hypnotherapy as it has helped me in so many ways. Tim is a good listener, very thoughtful and understanding and I would recommend him and hypnotherapy to everyone.

B.H-P April 2012

Hypnosis for Fear of Snakes and Spiders

My spider and snake phobias had gotten worse over the years and although I was used to freaking out in zoos and whenever I encountered a spider I wanted that to change. I didn’t believe that hypnosis would work though.

When you put a living spider on my palm after just two sessions and I felt no fear whatsoever I was completely speechless; giddy with happiness. Back at home my parents were stunned to see me handle a big black spider without problems, picking it up and putting it out in the garden when I would have had a nervous breakdown before.

Somehow I was still skeptical if hypnotherapy would work that well in treating my snake phobia. I was right – I needed 3 sessions this time. Then I went to a show about poisonous snakes, which I was able to watch with interest instead of raging fear. Eventually I even let them put a python around my neck, noting how soft, cool and heavy it was. 

Ultimately I have to admit that I am overwhelmed by our success and very, very grateful for your help. Sometimes I still cannot believe you really took away the massive fear I had of snakes and spiders, and now it’s just in the normal range of nervous caution around the dangerous and/or poisonous ones. Thank you!

J.B. Embassy Attaché, May 2012

Fear of snakes - hypnosis

“Sometimes I can’t believe you really took away the massive fear I had of snakes…”

More testimonials:

“Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and rewarding experience. It allows you to put all the small worries and stresses of the day to rest while you take the time to work on yourself. It’s a bit like experiencing guided meditation in that you are taken to a safe place where your subconscious is soothed and your conscious mind can take a rest. Tim is both calm and capable as he helps you access your subconscious, and I highly recommend this process for anyone.”

C.H. Teacher

“I was surprised at the difference between the hypnotic state and the waking state. I was aware of everything during hypnosis, but after waking I realised I had really been in a trance. Tim is an excellent listener, and I was able to quit smoking thanks to hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a means to change what we do without changing who we are. Feeling that I control my life is great.”

A.N. Teacher

“Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to help you overcome fears, quit an obsession and generally give you a positive outlook in life. Tim helped me overcome my fear of public presentations and meetings. It’s a relaxing and natural way to overcome problems rather than using medicine or going to see a doctor who in turn will only prescribe you drugs. I definitely recommend it to anyone wishing to overcome a fear or phobia.”

M.F. Office Worker

“I feel, while in trance, I am at rest while at the same time I am getting a lot done. I find that with Tim’s guidance I can see, hear and feel things working out and changes being made.”

C.D.H Security Staff

“I’m fairly certain that I remembered everything that happened during the experience, and I at no point felt that I had lost control, but at the same time I was surprised at how his words could suddenly cause physiological reactions, like making my eyes flutter, arm raise, and become instantly relaxed.”

E.C. Translator

“Felt secure and relaxed at all times. Tim has a true talent to allow you to make positive changes in your own life.”

G.W. Instructor

“I did some stress release and after my session I felt very calm and relaxed. Tim is very good at what he does!”

Y.H. Software Technician

“Easy to follow, smooth voice, attentive. It was easy to follow the induction. I could feel very relaxed and supported in setting achievable goals.”

B.B. Trainer

“The auto-suggestions to practice inner awareness is useful to keep calm and see the things in a broader perspective. I felt very relaxed after the session.”

K.W. Pharmaceutical Worker

“I was surprised at how quickly Tim led me into a state of deep relaxation. He has an extremely soothing voice and gentle manner which made it very easy for me to relax. I felt as if I was floating!”

F.N. Teacher