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Generating motivation and conviction – by yourself

September 21st 2017

Don’t expect anyone to help you or encourage you along the way. You have to always remember to make yourself motivated first and foremost, and give yourself conviction by yourself and independently from others.

If other people get behind you that’s great, but you can’t expect it and/or be disappointed if/when they don’t. That’s the way it goes: when you knuckle down, commit and put everything into achieving your goals, and finally start to reap the fruits of your efforts – that’s when people will start to notice and give encouragement and support. But not before.

Even if you believe in yourself, others won’t – at least not right away. Maybe not for a while, years even. Push on regardless, know that they will eventually, you just have to wear them down! Be relentless! Have some humility: don’t be dejected just because people don’t automatically realise how good you are. At the same time, have total belief and conviction in yourself. It may seem like a paradox, but it’s a delicate balancing act of total belief on the inside and humility on the outside (not letting your ego get deflated when others don’t see your true worth at first).

The key is to find ingenious ways to do this: to generate the fiery motivation and determination to pursue your goals, and the unshakeable conviction that you will achieve them, supported by total belief in yourself, your skills and experience. That’s what I find compelling: finding ways to make myself stronger on the inside, by myself, and not be reliant on others for support.

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