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Self-talk to build motivation and conviction

September 22nd 2017

Use self-talk to encourage yourself. Talk about the importance of what you’re doing so that you know why you’re doing it. That way you’ll stay motivated. Otherwise you’ll ask yourself “What’s the point?”

For me it is important to have maximum motivation and conviction (self-generated) on the inside and humility on the outside. Why is this important? To compensate for the fact that the world won’t encourage you in the early and mid stages of your journey towards your higher goals. You must not let this cause you to give up or be the least bit disheartened. By anticipating lack of encouragement from others, and certainly not expecting it, you help to protect and strengthen yourself against disappointment.

How to have maximum motivation and conviction on the inside and humility on the outside? By consistently and systematically using self-talk to drill in messages (also called affirmations and incantations) that you know what you want and why you want it, and that you know you WILL – beyond any doubt – succeed in getting it because you have total belief in yourself: your unique and innate talents, your personality, and your experience. Be sincere in your sense of purpose, and organise these on paper. I always carry index cards divided into three categories: belief/conviction, motivation (short term, medium term and long term), and general positive reminders. I am unable to visualise so I rely heavily on words: written words and self-talk. I use the cards as a starting point, and carry it on from there in my head, reinforcing and elaborating as I go. Resist the urge to listen to music as you walk, but instead talk to yourself along these lines and get yourself into the right state of mind.

I like the idea of building myself up on the inside, independently and creatively. Utilising my natural strengths (words, creativity, imagination) to compensate for my weakness (inability to visualise). I am committed to finding ways to continually improve myself and my situation. I used to think that there was one answer, and that discovering this would cause everything to fall into place. Now I think that life is too complex for that to be the case, and that each situation requires different answers, and that there is more than one way to go about it. It’s all about continually seeking out answers and ways forward. I’ll never reach a point where you can say to yourself: I’ve got it all figured out. There are always things to learn, ways to improve.

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