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Hypnosis to Stop Smoking

stop smoking 2Why haven’t you been able to stop smoking?

Did you know that you only have a 1 in 10 chance of stopping smoking using will power? That’s because only about 10% of your brain is making that conscious decision. That means when you try to give up a habit, the other 90% of your brain – the subconscious – is working against you.

How your subconscious mind triggers the need to smoke and stops you breaking the habit

smoking breakWhen do you smoke? Where do you smoke? Who do you smoke with? How does it make you feel? All these provide clues to what is triggering your urge to smoke. Perhaps you smoke as a way to take a short break from work, with other smokers. Maybe you smoke over a cup of coffee before work, or to help you unwind after work. These are examples of powerful subconscious associations which you have to change if you want to quit for good.

How can hypnosis help me stop smoking?

stop smokingThe key is deep in your subconscious mind. All of your habits are stored there, from essential habits like walking to talking to non-essential habits like smoking. None of those things started out as habits – you had to learn them by practicing and repeating them enough times until you got the hang of them.

Do you remember your first cigarette? The chances are that your body rejected it at first, but you kept doing it and it adapted. You ended up feeling good about doing it, enjoying it, and so it became programmed in your subconscious mind as a habit. If you want to get it out, you have to re-program it. That’s what hypnosis helps you do. Not by forcing it out by will-power – that doesn’t work, at least not for most people. You have to replace the smoking habit with the habit of seeing yourself as a non-smoker. Then when you start to follow through, you reinforce that new habit.

How long does it take?

Stop-Smoking-A-Friend’s-ReminderTypically it takes one 90-minute session to un-program and replace the habit and stop smoking. You can opt to have a reinforcement session 2-3 weeks later, but it’s not always necessary. The important thing is that you have to be motivated to stop smoking, because hypnosis can’t make you do anything if you don’t really want to do it. But if you do want to quit, hypnosis is a powerful way to help you achieve that goal.

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