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Hypnosis for Social Anxiety Webinar

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Cost: £10. Length: 90 minutes. Sign up on the right!

Who this webinar is for:

Do you suffer from social anxiety? Are you tired of always worrying about what other people think? If you want to overcome your social anxiety and feel more confident around others, this webinar will help you achieve these goals.

What you will get out of this webinar:

  • An introduction to neural pathways and habits/beliefs
  • An insight into the causes of social anxiety as a habit/belief
  • An understanding of how social anxiety can be replaced with the habit of feeling comfortable and in control
  • A close look at what the causes and effects of social anxiety are for you personally
  • A “safe place”: a real or imagined environment, decided by you, where you can go to experience total peace of mind
  • A step-by-step guide into hypnosis to apply the above and to lay the foundations of a new neural pathway to replace the existing one of anxiety

Take control of social anxiety today:

Isn’t it high time you stopped letting social anxiety hold you back from enjoying life? There’s no need to suffer any longer because hypnotherapy can help you create a new response and give you self-confidence that stays with you. Book your place on a Hypnosis for Anxiety Webinar using the button above the contact form, and break the hold anxiety has over you – for good. You’ll be glad you did!

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