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Waking up early

Off to a good start today – up at 5:40am. Managed not to go back to sleep by changing into my gym gear. Funny how that seems to work. Told myself that I could always go back to sleep on the sofa if I still felt tired (lesser of two evils), but after a short while I didn’t even feel sleepy. The two cups of strong black filter coffee may have been partly responsible as well.


They say teenagers benefit from waking up later because their body clocks keep them awake until the small hours (see article here). Is that only true for teenagers I wonder?


I’d love to be a “morning person”. I’d love to wake up feeling the way I feel when I go to bed (i.e. not particularly bothered about sleep) and go to bed feeling the way I feel when I wake up (i.e. there’s nothing more desirable than a few extra hours in bed). Do people really exist who wake up refreshed and raring to go on a regular basis?  It’s a totally alien concept to me.


Usually when I get up early I get myself to the gym for an hour and a half, a) to get an active start to the day and b) it’s not nearly as crowded then. Only problem is that it pretty much writes off the morning once I’ve got back, showered, cooked and devoured the biggest meal of my day.


Today was different: I got on my computer, and after a bit of pointless YouTubeing continued with some website-related work: set up a new anxiety webinar and resolved a payment issue with Google Adwords. I would love to master Google Adwords, Google Keywords, Google Analytics, all of it. But it baffles the hell out of me. After failing to resolve a payment issue, I called up and spoke to an Online Strategist who helpfully pointed out that my entire campaign strategy was codswallop. Not her exact word, but I got the point. Still, I did learn a lot from her, so I’ll keep plugging away at it.


Tim Walker-Taylor, need hypnosis.com

Information overload on Google



Subconscious expectations


Something which I think holds people back – myself included – is the unconscious misconception that we should get something right the first time. Even though we know that’s unrealistic and unfair to expect of ourselves, it’s still there, lurking. I’m determined to root it out and shine a spotlight on it. Hopefully it will shrivel up and die. Far better to expect a certain amount of “failure” initially, and simply adopt a trial and error approach.


Ended up getting to the gym at 11 (2-3 hours later than usual) and may have been more than a tad ambitious with some dead lifts. Can’t seem to bend down further than my waist without feeling that my lower back is going to collapse. If this is how it feels a few hours afterwards, what’s it going to feel like tomorrow morning?




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