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How To Get Organised – Part 1

organised room

Look at this picture. Can you imagine the person who lives here being disorganised, forgetful, easily distracted, frequently stressed out? Probably not.






disorganised room

How about this picture: do you think the owner is organised, focused and in control of their life? Again, probably not.






Transpose the descriptions and it makes more sense.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, which is why I thought I’d start off with a couple of visuals to reinforce the idea that your outside world – in this case your home – is a direct reflection of your inner world. And it’s a two-way process, because your environment then affects your mood and mental state.

It’s easy to see how this works when it comes to being organised and having a tidy, uncluttered home. When you are going through a busy time, you feel stressed and everything feels like an effort. What precious energy you have goes towards getting through the stressful time. You don’t feel like spending an hour or so putting things away, tidying up, cleaning etc. So clutter and disorder can escalate, which then adds to the stress you already have, creating a vicious cycle.

Or it may be that you aren’t particularly stressed out about anything, but you just feel a bit unmotivated – lazy if we’re being honest. You know things need to be done, papers to be organised, clutter to sort through and either put away or throw away. But you prefer to take the easy option and shove it to one side, do it later. There are more enjoyable options: have a beer/glass of wine, eat some snacks/comfort food, watch TV, surf the net, hang out with friends. This becomes habitual. As a result of putting off the sorting out, it steadily accumulates, and over the days, weeks and months it grows to a daunting prospect that you dread having to deal with.

Until finally you decide to do something about it. You don’t want to keep feeling bad, you know that all those procrastinated things are collectively weighing you down, and you know that if you really went all out and blasted through them you would feel so much better. You want to live clutter-free, and you trust that it would be really satisfying to look around and see everything in order and in its proper place (perhaps you can’t quite imagine it yet). So you take action, and depending on how much you get done, you feel anything from a bit better about yourself to completely exhilarated and satisfied.

And those feelings last – for a while at least. The novelty does wear off, but you want to keep things the way they are and if possible make it a permanent change. So for a while you keep your home like that, making the effort here and there to maintain the sense of order. But what happens? You know. Slowly but surely, as if an inevitable force of nature, clutter and disorder creep back.

What’s really happening? Why is the clutter and disorganisation making an unwelcome comeback? It’s because your motivation is waning: you’re either busy or just taking the easy option, or both. There’s another reason: you don’t have an effective system in place to keep on top of the clutter. You don’t know how to deal with daily stuff that needs to be either filed or stowed away. You don’t know where to put things, so you leave them until you decide where that will be, a time that never comes.

So two important questions to ask are:

  1. How do you get yourself to make a start on the daunting task of de-cluttering your home, when you’d much rather avoid it, even though you know it would make you feel better?
  2. What strategies should you use, once you’ve taken massive action and got everything tidy and organised, to prevent the clutter from creeping back and undoing all your hard work?

Find out next time!

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